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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about West Coast Relocation

Are you guys a carrier or a broker?

We are a full-service CARRIER. This means that we provide the trucks, the drivers, the movers and all the padding and blanketing your items will require.

Why can't I just get an online quote? Why do I need to speak to somebody about it?

West Coast Relocation asks for is about 10-15 minutes of your time to discuss details about your move. Often you might think that looking at your home it would only take a few guys a few hours to pack and load. But often garages, plants and back yard items are often forgotten in the process. So your professional sales representative can give you a more accurate estimate. West Coast Relocation will take your on-line estimate information and then call you back- take caution and never just assume that going on-line will give you a quote!

I'm at work so I don't have the time to go through all this right now!

Not a problem. We do understand many customers continue to work right up until the time they move. If you are still interested in a quote from us, simply let us know when a more convenient time to call you might be. We can get in touch after typical working hours or even on the weekend! Let us know and we'll make it happen.

I’m not sure how many boxes I will be moving?

Not to worry. Nobody EVER has an exact count of the amount of boxes they plan on moving! One way to work around this is to give us a ball-park figure of the maximum possible number of boxes you see yourself moving with. We will then offer you an estimate based on that figure. Later on, when you have a better idea of your box count, we can go back and reduce your estimate rather than increase it. West Coast Relocation will always bring an ample supply of boxes as extra so you won't be without on moving day.

Does the estimate include you packing our boxes?

Our basic estimates do not include the packing of your boxed items, nor the boxes themselves. We would expect all boxes to be packed and sealed by the time our movers arrive. We can supply these services to you at an additional cost. We do however loan out our wardrobe boxes for the moving day- it makes it easier to just take your clothes out of the closet and place.

What should I do with my fragile items?

All fragile items and units with substantial amounts of glass, such as table glass tops, as well as artwork, stone, marble and granite items must be properly wrapped and protected by you before our movers can load them onto the truck. We are also happy to assist you with packing your fragile and breakable items.

I’m extremely busy right now so I won’t have time to do all this packing before your movers arrive!

No worries. We offer a Full Pack Service which takes care of all your boxed items. We like to come in and pack ahead of moving day if you would like, that way the day of the move West Coast Relocation can be ready to load.

I have a lot of furniture that comes apart. What can you do for me in that regard?

Anything that you have which can be disassembled – bed frames, tables, bookshelves, desks etc – we will gladly take care of! Disassembling and re-assembling your furniture is all part of your estimate. Please let your Mover know ahead of time the items that will need disassembled.

How do I go about paying?

We have several payment options. For local a move payment is cash or credit card at the unload. We don't require a deposit for a local move if your committed we reserve the truck and crew. Long Distance moves we generally take a 20% deposit. On move day payment in the form of cash, certified check, or credit card is accepted.

My delivery address is not ready yet but I need to get out of my current address now! What can I do?

Fortunately we can offer storage at our local Warehouse. Please ask a representative what the fee would be to hold your items and if we have space. We can hold things for days- weeks or months if you need.

How do I get a hold of you faster?


P: 714-538-3601

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